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Join us to explore topics such as: parenting, motherhood, discipline, resistance, RIE parenting, feminist parenting, toddlers, tantrums, potty training, mindful parenting, conscious parenting, evidence-based parenting, positive parenting, respectful parenting, simplicity parenting and positive discipline.

What is Upbringing?

We’re Hannah & Kelty of Upbringing- twins, certified parent coaches + speakers who help caregivers across the globe transcend daily conflict with their kids for sanity + social change.

Most of us had no idea what magical mindset + sensitive skill set would be required to successfully navigate daily drama with our beloved, infuriating kids... No shame in that! From meltdowns to aggression to sibling rivalry to putting down the screen or getting out the door fully dressed + on time, managing kids’ big feelings + challenging behaviors was never meant to be done solo, let alone perfectly.

We’re here to teach you creative, research-based ways to overcome daily obstacles with your sensitive + strong-willed kids, nurturing critical skills like consent, compassion, curiosity + creativity along the way. Our podcast episodes are Live, unscripted Q&As– reach out if you have a question or challenge you’d like us to discuss!  

Learning to parent our kids with more connection and less control can feel radical and even impossible at first- we get it. We invite you to explore our shame-free, research-based offerings, each designed to help you heal yourself, nurture your kids + transform our collective future for the better.

Let’s Show Up + Grow Up!

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