Ladies Who Create

In this episode of Ladies Who Create, we dive into the creative journey of Haruko Hayakawa, touching on her beginnings in digital arts and transition into the world of 3D modeling and advertising. Haruko shares her experiences with various career paths, including graphic design, photography, and food styling, highlighting the winding road that led her to embrace 3D work. We also venture into the realms of creativity, personal identity, and the impact these have on Haruko’s projects and client relationships. Furthermore, the episode delves into navigating the challenges of pricing in the freelance world, the dynamics of client interactions for creative professionals, and the profound implications of AI on creative processes. Haruko, along with hosts Jess Rosenberg and Liz Meyer, explore the balance between technological advancements and the essence of human creativity, thus sharing deep reflections on career development, the evolving creative landscape, and embracing one's unique path in the art and design world.


Creators & Guests

Jessica Rosenberg
Co-host of Ladies who Create, Creative Director, Mom
Liz Meyer
Creative Director, Owner of the design studio Datalands, mom
Haruko Hayakawa
CG Artist & Creative Director

What is Ladies Who Create?

A podcast highlighting extraordinary women in the design and creative industry. Hosted by Jess Rosenberg and Liz Meyer.