Anthelminthic resistance is one of the key challenges for the sheep industry and will require a change in some of the routine control practices for the coming seasons.

To expand further on this subject, Ciaran was joined by Teagasc Researcher Dr Orla Keane who discusses four key areas that will help to maintain a susceptible worm population and prolong the efficacy of commonly used anthelminthic products.

These are:
1. Don’t dose adult ewes unless there is a demonstrated need
2. Use only products from group 1-BZ (white drenches) to treat Nematodirus in lambs
3. Quarantine drench - prevent ‘buying in’ resistance on arrival to the farm
4. Drench test/Faecal egg count

Orla shares her insights on why each of these steps will have a beneficial impact on the rate of development of anthelminthic resistance.

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