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Dr. Jason Strachan gives and in-depth step by step guide for Caribbean medical graduates who want to take the USMLE exams.

EDIT: In the podcast mention is made of the H1B visa when what was meant was the J1.

Show Notes

In this episode The Layman's Doctor speaks with Dr. Jason Strachan about doing USMLE. They go stepwise providing a much needed guide for Caribbean medical graduates. This episode serves as the first of a two part series, where the match and interview process will be discussed in an upcoming episode. Dr. Strachan gives several tools and resources to use and gives solid advice and tips on how to transition into the American medical system.

Resources mentioned & others:
Main residency match data
IMG Prep
A guide for US Clinical Experience for IMG
Observerships for IMGs
FMG Portal
ACE: Medical Rotation Placement Provider

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