ScaleUp & Up

In the first episode of ScaleUp & Up podcast, we talked with our very own Silvio Kutic, CEO and founder of Infobip - Croatia's first ever tech unicorn.

Silvio gave us an insight into what made him quit his first job after just a couple of hours and pursue his passion for developing communication technologies which later turned into the creation of Infobip - a billion-dollar company and one of the leaders in the CPaaS industry which is actively working with WhatsApp and Uber.

We talked with Silvio about the early days of the company, what it's like to work with a family member and why the company chose to build their first campus in the same village where the company is founded. He shared with us how Infobip scaled its services to millions of end users, as well as his views on the future of SMS, WhatsApp, Message and RCS, as well as AI which is rapidly changing the landspace of communications.

What is ScaleUp & Up?

Get lessons from the world’s greatest (tech) scaleup stories. Hosted by IBB and Mia Biberovic.