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This is a unique Athlete Mindset episode where Lisa Bonta Sumii is the guest. And it’s all about helping athletes transition to life after sports… Athletes to Entrepreneurs.
The host for this episode is Rob Finkelstein. Rob is the CEO & Founder of Alumni Direct. And he is the host of the podcast Athletes to Entrepreneurs. We’re bringing an episode of his show to the Athlete Mindset podcast because it’s all about sports and mental health.
About the Athletes to Entrepreneurs podcast:
Athletes to Entrepreneurs is a podcast where Rob speaks with former college and professional athletes from all over the world as they share the joys, successes, failures, and lessons of their entrepreneurial journey. Hosted by Rob Finkelstein of Alumni Direct, the number-one network for alumni worldwide. Listen to the AtoE podcast.
About this episode:
A conversation about going from youth soccer player to CEO of AthMindset and host of the Athlete Mindset podcast
“The things I’m doing give me energy. I’m able to use my time more productively and intentionally when I have things I’m working on that mean a lot to me, that are my purpose, and that are meaningful.” -Lisa Bonta Sumii
Advice to current athletes about preparing for a transition out of sports.
“I find that those who have the healthiest, most positive experience transitioning out of their sport have other identities that they’ve already developed, and feel good about and proud of before they leave their sport.” -Lisa Bonta Sumii
Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW, CSW | Athlete Mindset podcast host:
Lisa is a psychotherapist and mental performance consultant to high-performing athletes at the youth, collegiate, Olympic-hopeful, and professional levels. She is the first-ever Mental Health & Performance Coach for the Oakland Roots SC, a men’s professional soccer team, in the USL. Lisa is the Founder & CEO of AthMindset, a diverse team of licensed mental health clinicians and mental performance consultants, who serve alongside her.
Wrapping up Helping Athletes Transition to Life After Sports:
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Creators & Guests

Lisa Bonta Sumii
Athlete Mental Health & Performance| Oakland Roots SC|CEO & Founder of AthMindset®|Published Author|Pro Podcaster & Guest|Speaker: Tedx, Keynote, International|Listed -NFLPA Directory, USOPC Registry, MLR Directory
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What is Athlete Mindset?

This is the Athlete Mindset podcast. Presented and produced by SportsEpreneur. Part of the KazSource Podcast Network.
And this podcast is all about mental health in sports.

This podcast series is a space for conversations with athletes, coaches, practitioners, and stakeholders in sports. And it’s where those individuals share their perspectives, experiences, and thoughts on mental health in sports.

Hosted by Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW

Eric Kasimov, Founder of KazSource and the creator of SportsE Media, is generously hosting the Athlete Mindset podcast on his platform as he deeply believes these conversations are essential and deserve to be prioritized.

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About Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW

Lisa is a mental health therapist with over 21 years of clinical experience, licensed in both CA and NV. She is a private practice clinician and the CEO and Founder of AthMindset, LLC.

Lisa supports the elite athlete to achieve optimal mental health and peak mental sport performance. She works with adolescent sport teams, collegiate student-athletes, Olympians/Olympic hopefuls, as well as professional athletes and teams.

Lisa is the first-ever Mental Health & Sport Performance Specialist for the Oakland Roots Sports Club. The Roots are a men’s professional soccer team and purpose-driven club. Seeing the elite athlete as a multidimensional human, navigating various roles and identities, is integral to Lisa’s approach. Focusing on the role that interpersonal trauma, culture, race, gender, and sexual orientation play as the athlete navigates life on and off the field, is at the center of her work.

Lisa is listed in the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee’s Mental Health Registry and the National Football League Player Association’s Clinician Directory.

Lisa is often an invited podcast guest and conference speaker. Besides hosting the Athlete Mindset podcast on the SportsE+ podcast platform. She spoke at TEDxWilmington on the intersection of race, mental health, and sport.

She has been featured in Time Magazine, Teen Vogue, BBC World News, and Women’s Health Magazine.
AthMindset, LLC, supports the mental health of the elite athlete and their ecosystem. This includes serving the spouses/partners, family members, coaches, teams, referees/umpires, agents, and athletic trainers, with clinical services and sport performance consultation.

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