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Prepare yourself for this power-packed episode! Co-host Augustine Colebrook and Anna, The Spiritual Midwife", dive into some deep and heavy topics this week. They discuss their experiences with being in Australia during the Covid shutdown in 2019, midwifery in Australia, Sweden, and the U.S., the broken system across the globe, learning from trauma and adversity, and more you won't want to miss.

Anna is the founder of The Spiritual Midwife and creator of The Natural Birth Course. She's a midwife, woman's work facilitator, and coach, who's opted out of the system to walk her own path providing education, support, and guidance for women wanting a physiological and natural birth. She's also the host of The Natural Birth Podcast, featuring women from all over the world who's had a natural and empowering birth experience, with the intention of changing the birth narrative from fear of birth to birth as an empowering rite of passage.

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