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Today we remember and thank all those who served for our country.

Padre Pio Letter:
"You know, dear daughter, the remedy I heartily recommend is tranquillity of spirit, and I always forbid excessive worry. You must seek to restore your spirit to a state of rest and tranquillity after having been agitated by the work of the evil one. Do this by thinking of the spiritual rest that our souls should always have in God’s will, wherever his will leads us. My daughter, live in this valley of tears for as long as it pleases God, with total submission to his holy will. We are very much indebted to divine goodness for making us so fervently desire to live and die according to his pleasure. My daughter, let us trust that our great Savior, who gives us the intention to live and die in our enjoyment of him, will give us the grace to live that way."

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