MarTalk with host Angela Earl

Host Angela Earl interviews Nida Chughtai, vice president of Marketing at Mintigo, and Asher Mathew, vice president of Business Development for Lean Data. They talk about leveraging an account-based approach.

Show Notes

Host Angela Earl interviews guests Nida Chughtai and Asher Mathew.

Chughtai is the Vice President of Marketing at Mintigo
, a B2B customer intelligence platform for marketing and sales that provides insights and buying signals driven by artificial intelligence.

Mathew is the Vice President of Business Development for Lean Data, a Revenue Ops platform that enables revenue teams to manage all go-to-market motions.

What is MarTalk with host Angela Earl?

MarTalk is a podcast focused on revenue operations hosted by Angela Earl. Interviews will feature real people who’ve solved real problems faced by our industry. From technologists with revolutionary software to strategists with cutting edge ideas, the show will be a place for both industry veterans and young professionals alike to learn and grow.