Off The Podium - An Olympics Podcast

We are a week away from the 2024 Winter Youth Olympics in Gangwon, South Korea and we have a very special episode today to get you in the mood! Today we are speaking with the head coach of the Australian 3x3 Women's Ice Hockey team, Remi Harvey, to learn more about the sport, her role in Australian Ice Hockey and just what it means for the sport in Australia to have a team back at the Olympic Games! We find out from Remi her background in the sport and why playing ice hockey in Australia is just part of the family for her. We also learn the intricacies around the 3x3 version and why it will create a fairly open field for the Youth Olympics. Added to this we hear just what the Aussie style of play is and why teams hate playing against us, just what special activity Remi does to help with team bonding and whether we can influence the official team name heading into the games. It's a great chat that you'll love every second of! So get to listening and get pumped ahead of the Youth Olympics!

What is Off The Podium - An Olympics Podcast?

Three men who dreamt of Olympic glory but have as much athletic prowess as a piece of cheese, bring you weekly Olympian interviews from every corner of the planet, as well as entertaining and insightful analysis from all things related to the Olympic Games.