Blockroots Podcast: Crypto Market Analysis

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In this episode, CryptoAMD stops as a special guest to discuss Bitcoin and the crypto markets. We discuss the difference in trading between traditional markets and the crypto markets. AMD shares his opinion on Bitcoin adoption, the Bitcoin ETF denial by the SEC, and why Bitcoin derivatives are important but not as important as you think. Next peak high price prediction and altseason are all discussed in this episode and you don't want to miss the knowledge CryptoAMD has to share.

What is Blockroots Podcast: Crypto Market Analysis?

On the Blockroots podcast, we give Bitcoin and Crypto Market analysis each and every week so you can stay informed on the price of the crypto market. We're passionate about deciphering crypto-assets for first-time investors and traders. We want to keep things simple and help you be your best self by making the markets easy-to-understand.