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Welcome back for season three of the Midwifery Wisdom Podcast! 

This week cohost Augustine Colebrook sits down with Dani Lavoire, LM, CPM, as she shares her journey into midwifery and death care. Dani educates us on the importance and beauty of spending time with our deceased loved ones and how she works with families, local bureaucrats, and hospital administrators to make that happen.

Dani also provides insight into how midwives can prepare themselves to support families going through the loss of a baby. She shares her experiences working with families during this difficult time and how midwives can better prepare themselves to be advocates for families that experience the loss of a baby.

This beautiful and rich conversation will leave you with a knowledge of how caring for those welcoming in life parallels caring for those who are experiencing loss.

Show Resources
-National Home Funeral Alliance
-Arizona Community Death Care
-Ghost Belly by Elizabeth Heineman
-Stillbirth and the Midwife

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