Sermons from the East End

Join Rev. Bri-anne as we explore Earth Sunday, part of the Season of Creation. In the lead up to the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we consider the settler church's role in healing past wrongs...with all the hope that we can muster.  We also celebrate the work of Noval Morriseau in building bridges between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples.

Scripture: Matthew 20:1-16

Reading: An Oracle Concerning Canada by Rev. Bri-anne Swan

O Canada, your myth is built upon an illusion of peace,
   yet your temples rest upon graveyards,
   where tombstones are etched by lies.
Remember with anguish the landing of your ancestors,
   claiming territory not of their birthright,
   seeing only emptiness where they had not yet disturbed.

With ink to paper, and finger to nose,
   promises were made to your maltreated hosts,
   and accepted under duress and false pretense.
Yet, still you despised your covenants;
   stitching with threads of contempt,
   tailoring treaties to suit your body alone.

Listen! Tears of despair flood the night!
  Young ones bawling for their mothers.
  Women keening for their babies.
You snatch children like chattel,
  Until entire villages mourn,
  Silence the reminder youth no longer lives among them.

Yet generation piled on generation you sit, nodding your head in silent accord,
  Convinced as you are by the false prophets,
  Unaware of the violence hanging contemptuously from your tongue.
You claim the Lord’s will, though it is not known to you.
  You judge craving and sloth, though it is of your own making.

The Lord is mighty and strong, and you will deny justice no more.
  Like fires engulfing the dry Northern lands,
  The wrath of the Lord will ultimately consume.
And you will
cry and cry and cry*, the pain too much for your malnourished bones,
  Repentance can only lead to hearts breaking open.
  What begins in the heart ultimately engulfs the soul’s entirety.

*“Reconciliation” by Rebekah Tabobondung, Muskrat Magazine, March 4, 2013

Music: Oh, Earth & Gravity of Love by The Brilliance

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