Above and Below; a Salt Life Podcast

Salt Life Team Member, Shawn Jackson sits down with host Kieran Anderson to give insight on underwater photography and videography.

Show Notes

In this episode:

Salt Life Team Member, Shawn Jackson sits down with host Kieran Anderson to give insight on underwater photography and videography.

Topics discussed in this episode with Shawn Jackson:

·       An overview of Shawn’s background

·       How he started photography and videography

·       His passion for shooting coral and reefs

·       Shawn’s recommendations for beginners

·       Underwater technology for photography and videography

·       Light equipment Shawn uses when he dives

·       His underwater discoveries

·       Basic necessities for beginners

·       The coolest place Shawn has captured

·       His favorite photography of marine life

·       Shawn’s preferred diving spot 

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What is Above and Below; a Salt Life Podcast?

About Above and Below; a Salt Life Podcast:

If you are obsessed with all things ocean-related, you’ve come to the right place. Hosted by Salt Life team member and professional surfer, Kieran Anderson, Above and Below dives into our favorite ocean-centric activities including fishing, diving, surfing, and more. Each week we will explore a different aspect of the Salt Life with an expert on the subject. Whether we are discussing the best places to catch a gnarly wave, what type of equipment to use to target and land a big fish, or diving into crystal clear beautiful waters with a speargun in hand, we assure you, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. Stay Salty!

About the host, Kieran Anderson:

Kieran Anderson was raised in sunny southern California where the waves are consistent and the ocean is vast. Growing up just down the street from the California coastline, Kieran took up surfing at a young age. Throughout his childhood, it was second nature for him to grab his board and head out to the ocean almost every single day. Later in life, Kieran became a professional surfer, living out his childhood dream. Kieran is not only a surfer, but is also an avid waterman. He enjoys diving and fishing in his spare time. Kieran has traveled all over the world chasing big waves, and along the way has met a lot of really awesome people who share his passion for the ocean. Kieran joined team Salt Life in 2017 and never looked back. The ocean is Kieran’s sanctuary, and he’s ready to start talking about it.