the Love Says podcast

In this episode, I share the full experience of my exploration of a big question answered, as well as some prompts and practices you can take with you and make your very own if the topic resonates with you too.

Last month I was prompted with the question, ‘What do you really, really want?’

All of a sudden I wrote, ‘What I really, really want is to feel and to know that I am loved.”

To really feel love in my core and to really know it in my cells. For it to be a place and a feeling I can rely on and visit, rest in and create from.

And so I’ve taken the last 5 weeks to explore just that and share about it with you in this episode:

How and when do I feel and know I am loved?

Why do I resist believing it all the time?

Why is it so incredibly important to actually feel it?

What happens to me, my life, and this world when I actually remember that and live more moments from that spot?

What is the Love Says podcast?

What unfolds when we each find our own way back to a place of love?

Love can get us through the most painful moments, give us the freedom to grow , the courage to change - and Love can lead us to a whole lot of peace and joy and possibility.

So let’s see what happens — in us, in our life and in our world when we listen in to what Love Says.
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