Live Well. Be Well.

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John sits down with Adam Grossman and Guy Rocourt, two executives from Papa & Barkley who are leading the charge in unlocking the power of cannabis to improve people’s lives. Adam and Guy expand on what inspired this mission as well as their company’s core values and aspirations. They also get into a bit of the science of CBD and cannabis and why high-quality products like Papa & Barkley’s are so safe and effective.

Show Notes

About Adam Grossman
Adam D. Grossman is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board of Papa & Barkley, a leading California wellness company selling cannabis-based pain and wellness products including topical balms and transdermal patches, along with consumables including tinctures and capsules.

Prior to Papa & Barkley, Adam was the Chief Operating Officer of Northeast Dental Management, a multi-state private equity sponsored multi-brand operator of dental offices. Grossman is an active investor and serves on the board of several privately held companies.

He received his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Massachusetts and his JD and MBA degrees from Georgetown University. He is active in charitable organizations and community development projects in Dallas, New York City, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

About Guy Rocourt
Guy Rocourt is the President, Co-Founder, and Chief Product Officer of Papa & Barkley. At Papa & Barkley, Guy is responsible for product innovation, optimizing production practices, ensuring the company complies with rigorous testing and lab standards, and developing the product roadmap as the brand expands into different areas of the cannabis marketplace.

Previously, Guy designed and built manufactured infused products facilities (MIPs) in multiple states, making him an expert in cannabis science, tech, strategy, and production. He also has experience caring for patients with cannabis as he spent many years as Montell Williams’ caregiver during his battle with MS.

Guy graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is a U.S. Navy veteran (submariner). Guy uses his keen understanding of the cannabis plant, cannabis culture, and business acumen to craft a variety of wellness products. Like Papa & Barkley, he is on a mission to unlock the power of the plant to improve people’s lives.


Some of the highlights of the show include: 
  • Adam describes his background as well as his personal experience developing cannabis products that effectively brought his ailing father back to health. 
  • Guy also discusses his background as a cultivator and developer of cannabis and infused products, as well as his experience helping Montel Williams battle MS.
  • Adam and Guy both expand upon what Papa & Barkley’s mission is and what it means to both their current and future customers as well as the evolving cannabis industry. 
  • Guy also gets into some of the science of cannabis as well as the overwhelming safety hurdles their industry overcomes by choice.
  • Adam and Guy also discuss why Papa & Barkley’s products, origin, and development decisions make it prime for becoming a global leader in the cannabis industry. 
  • They also share advice for individuals who are hesitant to try CBD or cannabis, and assert the importance of starting slow. 

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