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Scott and Cat sit down with Kelly Baker member of the Meat Squad Team that qualified for the Games out of the Filthy 150. We talk about how competitive she is and how that forced her to find activities outside of the traditional rec leagues, She started running marathons, and found CrossFit as a way to release the competitive side of her. More importantly she talks about how most her life she competed to gain acceptance from others and now she is at a point that what she does she does for herself and she isn't going to be meek about it. She wants to do things that scare her and are outside her comfort zone. She wants to help children understand body image issues and combat the societal norms when it comes to gender stereotypes. This is a fascinating interview that I think you all will enjoy.

What is The Clydesdale, Fitness & Friends?

I am an average Joe who loves to do Functional Fitness, loves fitness as a sport. I started my journey at over 500 lbs have lost over 200 lbs and struggle with weight everyday. This is my journey of healthy living and exercising in a larger body. My Friends Amy Rudawsky, Charlie Otey and Cat Scherer and I talk with people in and around the sport of fitness as well as share our opinions about the news of the day.