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Not Yet Called Home

Show Notes

- The group wakes up in Amphail to the sound of Bells.  They attend inspections.
- Gordy makes friends with a little girl named Rowan whose dad is quarantined
- The group tries to speak to Father Greygrin or Galen Ortmont, but are met with skepticism before they can get access to either.
- Sylfir meets a local merchant, Hemet Hemzar
- Brother Felix convinces one of the Joybringers that they have important information that could help the town.
- The group finally gets an audience with Father Greygrin and Galen, and meet Dauner Ilzimmer - the Lord Warder of Amphail.
- They agree to help Dauner and the others get to the bottom of what caused the outbreak.
- They quickly discover the remains of a barrel in the town well that bears some clues
- The group is entrusted with their weapons again, and Galen and Dauner ask for their help in other matters.
- Gordy is declared leader of the group.
- Zin stays behind to check in on a sick friend while the rest of the group departs to re-establish a vital medical supply line for the town of Amphail.
- The group finds the apothecary, and deals with the threat to the supply line.

What is Roll for Nerd?

A podcast where noobs talk about (and play) dungeons and dragons.