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Welcome to the CRO Spotlight Podcast, where we delve into the strategies, insights, and challenges of achieving sustainable and scalable growth in today's dynamic business landscape. In this episode, we explore the world of Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) and their critical roles in driving revenue growth for organizations. Our discussion is centered around a candid conversation with Tom Goodwin, a seasoned expert in facilitating meaningful transformations within companies.
Tom shares invaluable perspectives on addressing short-termism and embracing industry changes, particularly in the context of the ever-evolving car industry. Alongside the host, Warren Zenna, Tom challenges conventional practices, advocating for simplification and profound understanding of industry shifts.
We also dive into the complexities of communication, customer-centricity, and the impact of technology on sales and customer experience. Tom also discusses  the pitfalls of neglecting customer knowledge in product design and the essential need for honest conversations to navigate the intricacies of investor involvement.
Join us as we explore the nuances of brand purpose in marketing and the effects of remote work on company dynamics, showcasing the real challenges and opportunities in driving sustainable growth in today's business environment.
This episode is a thought-provoking exploration of the revenue space, providing valuable insights for business leaders striving for scalable growth in an ever-changing marketplace.

00:00 CRO podcast featuring top revenue experts. Thanks for listening.
04:49 Reassuring companies about ongoing success amid new tech.
08:30 Questioning organizational decisions and promoting early innovation.
12:40 Distractions in startups due to funding changes.
15:10 Acquisition dynamics akin to human relationships surprise.
19:53 Focus on customer needs and innovation loss.
21:00 Measuring cost of customer service, advertising impact.
24:57 Car app and technology didn't work well.
27:41 Cost-saving compromises in design lead to dissatisfaction.
31:04 Net promoter score criticized for being pointless.
35:01 Brands aligning with causes may not matter.
38:11 Brand purpose adds alignment and logic internally.
42:29 Contemplating the impact of remote work.
43:36 Early stages, long-term impacts uncertain, diverse perspectives.
49:04 Seeking comfort without growth, challenges, and connections.
52:51 Ideological divide creates volatile office environment.
53:53 Balancing differences, complexities in work, cultural alignment.
57:07 Enjoying the orchestration of mundane technological experiences.

What is CRO Spotlight?

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Are you a CRO looking for insights and ideas from your peers? Are you a Revenue Leader with aspirations to become a Chief Revenue Officer? Are you a CEO looking to appoint a CRO to scale your business?

Welcome to the CRO Spotlight podcast, a weekly show featuring insights from Chief Revenue Officers, B2B Revenue Leaders and CEOs. Hosted by Warren Zenna, Founder and CEO of The CRO Collective, the show goes deep behind the scenes with the people who have been there, done that and have seen the results. The CRO Spotlight Podcast is an open, free-form conversation that digs into real issues that Revenue Leaders and CROs grapple with everyday.