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We are joined by the Guys Who Do Stuff in a stroll down memory lane and talking about what we wish we would have known when we each started our business offering some pro tips for entrepreneurs.

Show Notes

Josh showed up late wearing full motorcycle gear, including leather pants. That took a minute to get used to...

We discussed how exciting it is that businesses are starting to open back up and how it feels a little strange for those fully vaccinated, half-vaxed, or not vaccinated with the differences in rules for each group.

We've been in four different studios since we have launched our shows, and we take a stroll down memory lane.

We discuss the importance of networking when you are just starting. It is not "luck" but work that has a compounding effect if you do it consistently over time. Having tried many types of networking groups between us, we break down some of the strengths and weaknesses of networking groups but highlight the importance of finding "your people." You may need to shop around to find the right people over the right system. 

Sarah shares insights into growing your business and your team and taking the leap to hire your first employee. Many feel that they need to have the money saved up, but you may need the team member to save the money. 

We talk about the different types of environments that work well for productivity. Each person is different. Some may get more done at an office, others at home, but the common denominator is building in time for transitions. How well do you transition from your workday to personal time? 

What is Girls Who Do Stuff?

Come as you are with the courage to speak up and tell a better story. A raw and real podcast from two courageous women making an impact in their communities by helping guests share their unique stories.

Your hosts Jenny and Sarah are soul sisters with a passion for creating a space for authentic storytelling. Their guests will make you laugh, cry, and leave you with all-the-feels while you learn from thought leaders like entrepreneurs, influencers, coaches, real estate moguls, speakers, reality stars, and creative geniuses.