Brown Liquor and Bad Ideas

Show Notes

Cousins, what is your list of what is important for the country in 2021?  This is not a complete list but a starter set.  Include in the comments what you think should be focused on in the next Congress from 2021 to 2023.

Also cousins, future episodes will be available at 6PM EDT, to be more in line with sharing a glass and good conversation. 

1) Education -- teachers, salaries and outcomes
2) STEM and STEAM – vaccine, scientists
3) Telecommunications systems, everybody needs it and wants it should it be a utility?
4) Median income for the United states 2019 was $63,179.   50/50 for all 326.7 million people.  Is that the way it should be?
5) Healthcare concerns -- doctors, nurses and other professionals
6) Health insurance is a major concern of all cousins. 
7) Our care for each other

Add your concerns and we hope to cover them in later episodes.


What is Brown Liquor and Bad Ideas?

Meet Cousin Cornell Wright, the People's Lobbyist while he downs a bit of his favorite brown liquor and shares with his thoughts about life and other bad ideas.

Vocals by: Travaulya Wallace