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This week Judy Phillips, co founder of a new British petcare company called Sniffe & Likkit, joins Anna to talk about their range and brand ‘philoso-woofy'.

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This week Judy Phillips, co founder of a new British petcare company called Sniffe & Likkit, joins Anna to talk about their range and brand ‘philoso-woofy'.

The Sniffe is the key aspect across its grooming, fragrance and gifting products. Understanding that a dog’s sense of smell is over a million times more sensitive than ours, Sniffe & Likkit’s 100% natural aromatherapeutic scents won’t get up your dog’s nose. Rather dogs will love the signature fragrance: Woodland Wonderfur running in its grooming range.

Formulated using essential oils like Cedarwood, Pettigrain, Vetiver and Ho Leaf. It’s aim to calm and soothe dogs, and bring the great outdoors into your home, and regular pampering routine. The aromatic scent is alluring and good for humans too!

Created by experts from the human world of natural skincare, but tailored for dogs. Thoughtfully designed in stand-out recyclable packaging, Give a Dog a Cologne, Wippets Cleansing Wipes, Fragrant Fur Coat Shampoo and The Fab Paw Conditioning Balm combine ingredients like Quillaja Bark Soap, White Willow Bark extract, Aloe Vera, Ho Leaf and Paw Paw. There’s no hidden nasties and it’s pH balanced for dogs.

The range taps into the demand for more natural alternatives and a transparency about ingredients that have been ethically sourced. And an understanding that spending time with your dog cannot be underestimated.

The inventive products are catering for modern dogs with an ethos about building the bond between dogs and pet parents through grooming and pampering. And for dogs on the go that might need a freshen up before going into the office, or dog friendly hotel!

The range also features Glove My Dog a towel that designed like a giant oven glove that uses fabric made from sustainably sourced bamboo. Tapping into a dog’s sense of smell there’s the home barking kit to that will get your dog’s tongues and tails wagging.

And for humans the scented gift cards allow humans to spread the kindness and 'scents' a message. With the range for the home the Scents Something Nice is an air freshener that’s crafted into hanging sachets, and features another signatory scent: Cedarwood From The Trees - naturally banishing any wiffs in the home, car, office - anywhere!

Sniffe & Likkit most definitely is not to be sniffed at! Check out their whole range at sniffeandlikkit.com

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