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We explore how to take medicine when it is unpleasant, and how swallowing tablets is a life skill - we give you the tricks to get the medicine go down!

Show Notes

Unlike in Mary Poppins, medicine doesn’t always taste nice! None the less medicine only works when it is taken! In this episode we explore how medicines are taken by mouth, why not all medicines are available as a liquid, and how to take unpleasant tasting medicines as well as tips on learning the life skill of swallowing tablets!
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Music in the podcast is by Drew Worthly - Thanks Drew, please check out his music here

What is The Doctor Family?

We host a family medicine podcast discussing health issues affecting every family. We are a married couple of family doctors practicing in the UK. We will give what we feel is a more accurate and balanced coverage of the health and medicine issues in the news and explain these issues in plain English!

We also work to debunk health myths we come across in the media and online. Join us on our journey