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In today's interview, Kim sat down with Dr Clemens Koehn, a UNE lecturer in the area of Ancient History, and talked about the discovery of 2 Bronze Age tombs in Greece. 

What is TuneFM?

TuneFm is the University of New England’s campus radio station, a high power open narrowcasting service operated by UNESA (UNE’s Student Association). With a forty plus year history, the station is Australia’s oldest university broadcaster, serving UNE’s students, staff, and the broader Armidale community.

TuneFm has a long history of music, politics and activism – stemming from our radical start back in April 1970. 2UNE came into being as a result of a growing dissatisfaction with a sleepy Liberal Government during the swinging 60s. With the backing of Sir Zelman Cowan, the then Vice-Chancellor, the UNE Radio Committee pushed for a licence to broadcast across the campus.

Finally they were successful, and put together a studio in the Milton building. Then on that fateful day, April 27th 1970, Dick Mutton muttered the words “Radio UNE, the time is 7 o’clock”.