ReSearching Diversity

In this episode, we talked to Moin Syed who is a professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota (U.S.). Our main topic is gender identity narratives which describe the ways in which children reinforce or disrupt gender hierarchy through internalized, evolving stories of themselves. We learn about Moin's background in developmental psychology (PAST), how gender identity and master narratives can help understand the way children learn and think about gender (Rogers, 2020; PRESENT), about Moin's continuous efforts to question and improve existing methodological practice, and about his active engagement in the Open Science community (FUTURE).

Show Notes

In this episode, we talked to Moin Syed who is a professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota (U.S.). Our main topics are gender identity and master narratives, gender socialization, academic practices in psychology, and the Open Science framework.
PAST (00:01:56): We learn how Moin turned his personal experience of being treated differently from others and his interest in identity and development into a fascinating research subject. Moin also talks about methodological inconsistencies, issues and challenges of implementing new methods in the established domain of developmental psychology.
PRESENT (00:18:38): Moin presents an outstanding paper from Onnie Rogers (2020), which gives a new perspective about gender socialization of children through the master identity narratives framework. He discusses how people could find intersecting identities and alternative gender narratives both at individual and societal levels.
FUTURE (00:36:29): Moin talks about the future of social sciences and how the Open Science framework can help to change the research conventions in psychology.

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