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Michigan State University has integrated the MSU Student Organic Farm into the Division of Student Life and Engagement (SLE). This move reflects the university’s commitment to providing students with opportunities for hands-on learning and engagement with sustainable agriculture.
The MSU Student Organic Farm is a valuable resource for all students to learn about organic food, farming, and the impact of food on the planet. As part of SLE, the farm will gain more resources and support to expand its impact and continue its mission of educating the next generation.
Our panel discussion includes Laurie Thorp, director of the Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment and one of the founders of the Student Organic Farm; Laura Young from MSU’s Office of Sustainability; and George Berghorn, an assistant professor of construction management in the School of Planning, Design and Construction. 
Conversation Highlights:
(5:43) – The mission of the farm “has evolved, but always at its heart has been its name – a farm where students can make decisions and experiment with different ways of growing food. What’s changed is the image of the farm.”
(7:52) – “Really what I love so much about the farm is that it’s a perfect example and a shining jewel for the potential to use our campus as a living laboratory.”
(10:42) - “Everybody eats. We can talk about farming and agriculture as if it’s this foreign thing. But we all eat.”
(14:47) – “What we’re doing here exactly models for our students how you work with people in different disciplines who don’t know much about your discipline.”
(21:35) – “We’re slowly growing out of that word (sustainability). Regenerative is the word we’re hearing more. It’s not just about sustaining people and places and planets. It’s about knowing we’ve done so much damage that we need to go a few steps further to how we can regenerate areas.”
(24:20) – “How can a building contribute more than it takes? How do we build things that add to the natural, economic, and human-centric environment rather than just take.”
(27:11) – “I said ‘What do you think about a straw-bale building?’ And I got a great reaction.”
(30:46) – “It’s a great example of what can happen when you lower the barriers to collaboration.”
(33:10) – “It’s an amazing opportunity for all of us to brag about and show that we are leaders in sustainability and education and food and farming.”
Support the people and programs at MSU building a more sustainable future on campus and around the world.
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