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Brian, Eric and Savana discuss the Florida metalcore group Poison The Well while drinking beers from Weldwerks Brewing Co. and Belt Line Brewery.

Show Notes

Brian, Eric and Savana are together for this episode and we're talking about Miami, FL metalcore legends, Poison the Well! We get into a bit on what the band meant to us, are they Florida's best metalcore band, and Derek Miller leaving and starting Sleigh Bells.  We also get off topic a bit and talk mascots and their personal lives, how Thrice started Barstool and Brian's video collection (no, not that video collection).

Beers on the Episode:

Weldwerks Brewing Co. - Juicy Bits NEIPA
Bolton Landing Brewing Company/ Belt Line Brewery - DDH Peepin' Leaves Double NEIPA

Poison the Well on Spotify /// Apple Music

Big Heads Media Promo - Brew Crime

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