Devs Do Something

This week's episode features an interview between Patrick Collins and a Web3 Security Engineer at Trail of Bits. They cover:
- testing methodologies
- fuzzing
- static analysis

With Trail of Bits Security Engineer, Troy!

3:10 - Exploring Smart Contract Testing Methodologies with Trail of Bits
5:37 - Testing Strategies for Smart Contracts
8:10 - Fuzz Testing and Invariant-Based Testing Explained
10:56 - Coverage Guided Fuzzing Explained
13:50 - The Benefits of Coverage Guided Fuzzing and the Differences between Echidna, Foundry, & Others
16:27 - Using Coverage Guided Fuzzing with Optic and Echidna
19:12 - Symbolic execution and coverage-guided fuzzing in Echidna
21:57 - Testing Philosophies: Dynamic vs. Static Testing
24:24 - Dynamic vs Static Analysis and the trade-offs of each approach
27:10 - The Importance of Efficient Testing and Using a Variety of Testing Methods
29:57 - The Role of Security Firms and Testing Philosophies
32:33 - Balancing Cost and Efficiency in Security Audits
35:15 - The Importance of Code Reuse in Building Tools and Languages
38:04 - The pitfalls of focusing on language intricacies in programming and the benefits of prioritizing language design and philosophy
40:41 - The Need for More Open Source Tools and Communication in the Ethereum Community
43:22 - Advice for becoming more security-minded in smart contract coding
45:51 - Discussion with Alpha Rush on Testing Compilers and Security Focus Journeys

What is Devs Do Something?

A technical podcast for web3 developers.

A Superfluid production.