The Teamwork Advantage a Gregg Gregory Podcast

One of the biggest things any leader can do to become more effective is to simply ask for help. In this episode, Charlie Bailes talks about the two businesses he is involved in, his roles in each of these diverse companies, and the things he's learned with each.

Show Notes

Charlie Bailes has two roles in business. First, he is the Chief Administration Officer of an 84 year-old, 4th generation family retail business where he oversees all of the back-end administration including human resources, training, and payroll.  Secondly, he is the founder of CB Supplements a nutritional supplement company founded out of a need to help his family.

Charlie started CB Supplements around the unique core values of Premium Products, Education, and Customer Appreciation.  In this episode, Charlie draws parallels between the two businesses, his roles in each of these diverse companies, and the lessons he's learned from each.

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