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Andrew Rogencamp talks with CX expert Danny Phillips about the ins & outs of Customer Experience. eCommerce is an important piece of the CX puzzle, and can help you give your best customers the kind of experience they really deserve. Retention is often a much better investment than acquisition - and when it comes to retention, CX is the key

Show Notes

  1. Are all customers created equal? 
  2. Should your best customers get an experience that’s a cut above everyone else’s?
  3. Are Marketing and CX actually the same thing? 
In Episode 3 we ask (and answer) all these questions and more. Andrew Rogencamp chats to Danny Phillips from CX Consultancy Arkade about the ins & outs of Customer Experience. COVID-19 has changed our online behaviour, presenting a perfect opportunity for businesses to step back and examine their CX strategy. Lots of excellent food for thought here, as we explore the ways CX can be the key to customer retention. 
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What is The eCommerce Experience?

B2B & B2C eCommerce insights, tips, success stories and fails. Where you can learn from OUR experience and become an eCommerce expert. In this podcast Andrew Rogencamp shares his wealth of B2B & B2C business experience to take you on an eCommerce adventure. Each month, you’ll hear from industry experts and meet people just like you – looking to take their business to new heights online.

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