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Host Nick Firer takes you back one last time to find the real Terror in Australia by Shannon Gilligan! After helping You, the protagonist, survive the dumbest most convoluted and overly complicated plan any terrorist has ever come up with, Nick and his friends take you on a little rabbit hunt to find out what the deal was with the mysterious Nazi You, the protagonist, met earlier on the train. It’s a whole lot of fun as they try to find out the answers to so many questions, almost too many questions, and Your story goes neatly off the rails!! With musician Brian Beyer (No Dice), comedian and producer Laura Holterman (Variety Hour Happy Hour), and special guest comedian and novelist Jacob Woelful (Schmitz and Giggles).

Show Notes

It's choose your own adventure time with host Nick Firer, and friends Brian Bayer (No Dice), Laura Holterman (Variety Happy Hour), and Stacy Pawlowski (Shakespeare Raw, Dinner Detective). Dive into the stories you remember from childhood and chose the fate of the protagonist through twists, turns, and hilarious surprises! 


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What is Turn to Page Fun | By Sexy Hackers Clothing?

Comedian Nick Firer reviews multiple endings books with help from a rotating panel of friends, including some of the Midwest's most talented comedians, authors and actors and so-and-so's in the entertainment industry.

Help our panel of pals navigate the choices of these delightful adventures and never make a bad decision! Produced and published by Sexy Hackers Clothing, copyright 2019 - all rights reserved.