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We talked about it last time, and here it is: Jays Japan Diaries. It's a 30 minute trip to Japan and back, in audio form.

Show Notes

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We'd mentioned that we were going to do it a few episodes ago, and I loved looking back on it, so here is a 30 minute trip to Japan with me. We visit Fukuoka, Hirado, Oshima, and Nagasaki. Along the way we learn just what Canal City is, learn how to call on the gods at a Shinto shrine, find a wonderful beach in the middle of nowhere, see some really old relics, buy a copy of Final Fantasy IX for PS1, and visit some temples in Nagasaki

All this and more in episode 41 of the Waffling Taylors podcast: Jays Japan Diaries

Full show notes, links to related stuff, music credits, and some photos of the places I talk about can be found here:

psst: you're going to want to click through to the show notes for this one. There are a lot of photos from my vacation in the full show notes

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