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https://youtu.be/bwZ7oZHwbNAIn this conversation, Bailey Parnell and Dr. Gemma Galdon-Clavell discuss their experiences after moving to the US, noting cultural differences like the cost of living and social dynamics. They compare tech industry focuses between Europe and the US—policies versus practices, respectively—and emphasize the importance of technology ethics and human rights within the context of the US Constitution. They address the risks and biases of AI in sectors like banking, hiring, and healthcare, stressing the need for audits and regulatory oversight. The conversation also covers the role of non-engineers in AI development, the myth of neutral AI, and the significance of public engagement with AI ethics. They conclude by linking the discussion to broader themes of societal improvement through AI and the future of education.

  • Moving to a new country can bring about cultural differences in cost of living, socialization, and class divide.
  • The tech industry in the US has a greater focus on practices, while Europe focuses more on policies.
  • The interactivist mindset involves beating the odds and not letting others impose limitations on one's potential. AI systems should not predict and box people in facts and futures, but rather give everyone a chance regardless of their data or past.
  • The US Constitution and Bill of Rights should be upheld in the context of technology ethics and human rights.
  • AI systems in high-risk environments such as banking and hiring can lead to discrimination and exclusion of non-majority groups.
  • Audits and oversight are necessary to ensure the quality and non-discriminatory nature of AI systems.
  • The myth of AI as a magical and infallible technology needs to be debunked, and the importance of understanding technological risks should be emphasized.
  • Emojis play a role in communication and AI analysis, and their representation and use should be inclusive and representative of diverse cultures and emotions. Regulation and accountability are necessary in technology to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals.
  • AI systems should be tested and evaluated for potential negative impacts before their release.
  • Transparency is crucial in AI systems to understand the indicators used and to have the ability to challenge and change them.
  • Automation can assist in certain tasks but cannot replace the complex thinking and creativity of humans.
  • Education should be reframed to consider the complexities of a connected world and the role of character-building in a fast-changing environment.
  • Women have the potential to make a positive impact in the world through AI and should be supported in their endeavors.

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