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Tara Robertson is the CMO at Previously she was head of customer marketing at Sprout Social and VP marketing at Hotjar.

Show Notes

Topics Discussed:
  • The role of the marketing department at
  • How to structure a marketing team
  • Hiring a marketing team with the future in mind
  • RevOps and it’s role in the company
  • Things to consider when moving into a CMO role
  • Leveling up your career by seeking out and learning from your peers
  • Vulnerability: Leading your team by example
  • How to plan and communicate a focused marketing roadmap
  • How to measure your team's performance
  • What to consider when growing and scaling a team
  • The art of asking for feedback
  • When to bring in freelancers and agencies


What is The Growth Leadership Show?

The Growth Leadership Show is a straight-to-the-heart marketing podcast.

Sandro Meyer sits down with growth leaders from around the world for an honest conversation about the successes, struggles, and decisions that have shaped their lives. Together, we dig deeper and peel back the layers of their career-choices, growth strategies and leadership philosophies, so you can apply their hard-earned lessons to your own life and career.