The Underlay - A Clever Choice Podcast

In this episode of The Underlay, Michael and Matt speak with Justin Losinski from Master Floors Group. Having recently moved from Western Australia, Justin ran his own successful flooring company after being born into the industry. 
Justin will explain the importance of floor preparation and it is the first time we have had a true expert in this area explain the process of levelling your subfloor in preparation for laying your flooring. 
Master Flooring Group is based out of Yatala on the Gold Coast and comprises Master Floor Preparers an established Floor Preparation company operating since 2004, and Master Floor Coverings established in 2014 to meet the growing flooring needs of the Queensland Construction industry. Master Floors Group allows customers in the construction industry to meet its floor covering and preparation requirements by using a single supplier.
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What is The Underlay - A Clever Choice Podcast?

There's more to flooring than just laying boards. We take you inside and under the flooring industry and give you a look at what makes Clever Choice Flooring the perfect solution for you.