The Resistbot Podcast

The first episode for Resistbot Live, where we discuss the importance of the SSI/SSDI campaigns.

Show Notes

✊🤖 Our premiere episode is a discussion of the ongoing movement to end disabled poverty and to fix SSI and SSDI programs.
  • 0:00 - Moderator Scot Mactaggart introduces the show.
  • 2:26 - Introducing Susan Stutz, Resistbot policy writer, and content researcher, to open today’s topic of SSI and the #DemolishDisabledPoverty campaign.
  • 9:20 - Introducing Athena Fulay in Washington D.C., community organizer, and Resistbot outreach volunteer, discussing the experience of delivering Resistbot letters in person to Congressional offices.
  • 16:50 - Introducing Dr. Joseph Coohill (a.k.a. Professor Buzzkill) a 25-year professor of history who’s taught at Duquesne University, Penn State, and Oxford.
  • 20:11 - Introducing Melanie Dione; writer, podcaster, and event organizer in New Orleans, La.; and the text for the Improve SSI in Recovery Bill petition.
  • 31:07 - Introducing Matthew Berwick, disability advocate and President of the United Spinal Association of Western Pa, to discuss his personal experiences.
  • 39:54 - Panel discussion on SSI/SSDI
  • 1:08:24 - Outro
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Creators & Guests

Melanie Dione
Angel Barrera

What is The Resistbot Podcast?

Season 2 of The Resistbot Podcast, hosted by Melanie Dione, features a different interview every week with an organizer working to create change in their community. We aim to elevate voices without a large platform, focusing on their stories. Our pod is brought to you by the same volunteers behind the Resistbot ( chatbot that's driven over 30 million pieces of correspondence to elected officials since 2017. If you haven't given it a try, pull out your phone and text the word "resist" to the number 50409 to get started. You can text officials from your Mayor to the President, check your voter registration, start your own campaigns, and much more!