How Are Ya Now?

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Long-time listener, Ryan, joins Tiara and Dean on an adventure of speed-dating, doggy-training, and dirt-digging in our recap of Letterkenny, Season 6, Episode 7 - Valentime's Day

Show Notes

S06E07 – Valentime’s Day
Guest:  Ryan Devlin
Music:  Flexadecibel

Intro:  (0:00:00)

  • Clip: Jess Salgueiro intro
  • Music: Dirty Girl
Pre-show:  (0:00:50)

Music this week:  Flexadecibel

Guest this week:  Ryan Devlin (0:04:13)

  • Plugs - Support your local hockey rink!
Recap of last episode:  S06E06 – Yew! (0:11:06)

  • Thanks to:
    • Guest: Awesome
    • Music: Yellow Light Maybe
This week’s episode deep dive:  S06E07 – Valentime’s Day (0:12:06)

Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Terms/Observations/Trivia: (0:30:35)

  • Wayne still being a poopy pants about holidays
  • Timeline - Wayne doesn't mention Marie-Fred as a reason he's not going to the dating event. Also, Stewart's hair is long again and he's drinking and doing drugs again (no longer sober).
  • Wayne and Stewart swapping language. ("Hard no" and "Wondrous")
  • Term - Sport Mackin'
  • is real
  • Dax & Ron are bi/pan.
  • Roald's anarchy symbol used around the "a" on his name tag.
  • Don Cherry references
F – F – F (0:50:56)

End of Show: (1:06:33)

  • Final thoughts…
  • Next Week:
    • Nothing!
    • The week after will be our S06 Recap Show
    • Jess Salgueiro Interview
  • Farewells
  • Outro: Endever
Music for this show

Band:   Flexadecible
Location:   Muskegon, MI

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Intro:  Dirty Girl
Outro:  Endever

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