The Teamwork Advantage with Gregg Gregory

By many accounts, employee engagement is lower today than in any time over the past 30 years. Kelli Vrla shares a number of questions you can ask your team members to measure your team’s level of engagement.

Show Notes

Great Employee Engagement leads to great team and organizational Culture. That is the theme of this incredible interview with Kelli Vrla.  Are your team members CAVE dwellers (Constantly Against Virtually Everything)? 

Kelli Vrla uses David Zinger’s model of eight simple words to determine if your team is engaged.  It is possible that, over time, employees become disengaged. Kelli talks about why and how people become disengaged and offers strategies to bring them back to full engagement. She also talks about what to do when employees refuse, or are unable, to engage.

Her tips for leaders to help keep employees engaged is fascinating and eye opening. Get your note pad open because when Kelli V. speaks you will take a lot of notes.

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