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A brief history and cultural recap of Spain, for travelers and non-travelers who want to learn more about this incredible country.

I always try to look into the history and culture of a place before I go there. Recently I was prepping to travel to Spain, and thought, “What if I made episodes that covered brief histories and cultures of places that are common travel destinations?” And the idea for the Know Before You Go episodes was born. 

There are many travel bloggers and podcasts who tell us where to go and what to eat and what to do. And I love using those resources! But what about the context, the history, the backstory? I know that when I know a bit of history, I ask better questions to locals, I understand my surroundings better, and I feel far more connected to the place and its people.

If you are traveling to Spain, love learning about Spain, or are going to live in Spain for a time—I hope this is brief history is helpful. 

Sources for this episode. Special thanks for Rachel Cox for her assistance in research for this episode. 

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Did you forget everything from your world history class, and now feel lost when world topics come up in current events? Designed for busy people who forgot and need a quick refresh, Wiser World takes world history and makes it approachable and concise.

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