It’s Going to be Good: Building Your Accounting Firm

Whether it's saying "yes" to more than we should or shifting our priorities to make something "work," it's so easy to act in a way that makes other people like us. But when we don't have a clear North Star, we prioritize making the person in front of us happy, and usually end up letting others and ourselves down.

Michael Scott from The Office is the prime example of this! He's consistently swayed by the opinions of others. The pursuit of pleasing others tends to make us feel selfless, when it's really about making ourselves feel good, avoiding the immediate conflict, or prioritizing our own temporary comfort for the long term benefit of our future selves and others.

When we clarify our values and hierarchy of priorities, we're able to solidify what's truly important and in what order, leading to better decision-making, not just for ourselves but also for others.

Listen in as Jill and Anna discuss what it looks and feels like to unlearn the habit of acting out of a desire to be liked and, instead pursuing consistency of character that builds trust and respect, with clients, team members, peers, and even family & friends.

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Creators & Guests

Anna Ready
Technology enthusiast, accounting geek, and lover of all things systemized. Wife. Mom. Firm Owner (Accrew). Mostly just here for the jokes
Jill Chun
Passionate about leading and developing teams in meaningful ways. Won’t turn down a challenge and loves asking how we can refine a process so that it works for us (not against us). Always up for a good dance party

What is It’s Going to be Good: Building Your Accounting Firm?

Join Anna and Jill as they guide you on a journey of building something worth building.