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Pop 014CD1 – ‘Reality’ on and within 30 seconds, you are literally delivered from the womb into Nick’s Reality. Our Lecturer guides us into beckoning ambient tones and soundscapes that instantly envelope you. Time to let go. Whilst the Tokyo rain washes gently down, we’re caressed by deep, rich instrumental segway whilst the voice of our audio companion explores the big human questions. At 11:33 the first solid groove of a bassline glides in accompanied by the ethereal tones of Sara Otel Gauvreau and it’s simply magical.

Breaks collide with ambient netherworlds and seamlessly weave in and out while Nick keeps complete control of the theme that runs throughout. This is a DJ who not only knows his music, you can hear his deep respect for how to combine opposite moods and textures through perfectly placed tracks and timing.

Show Notes

1a. Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch – 2049
1b. Tokyo Rain
2. Ameeva feat Sara Otal Gauvreau – Ascension
3. Night Gestalt & Niklas Paschberg – Sudden Steps
4. Shpongle – Once Upon the Sea of Blissful Awareness
5. Younger Brother – Evil & Harm
6. OTT – LSD (remix)
7. Lemongrass – Laterna Magica
8a. Black Deer – Tortuga
8b. Tokyo Rain
9. Syntax – Sudden Dream
10. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Proton/Electron
11. Chevron – A
12a. Azaleh – Qualia
12b. I listened to your girlfriend breathing and pressed record
13. DJ Krust – Overture
14. Banco De Gaia – Amber (Transglobal Underground remix)
15a. James Robson – untitled
15b. Tokyo Rain

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