The Great Reset

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Janet attempts to help David and Ernie understand the source of their disagreement

Show Notes

After 20 minutes of chatting and context, David and Ernie resume their discussion from Part 1 on Christ-like leadership, this time with Janet acting as moderator. The goal was not so much to reach agreement, but help them understand why exactly they disagreed.  

While the conversation was often passionate and occasionally blunt, both parties expressed sincere appreciation for the other's sincerity, thoughtfulness, and commitment to working things out.

The dialogue covered some heavy ground, including the relationship between power and authority, the good and bad senses of "justifying sin", and whether it is fair to say Christ "fell on his sword" for the sins of others.

In the end,  David summed it best with a honest, heartfelt acknowledgement that he still didn't understand.  The other two participants were able to agree with that, and affirm their desire to keep walking through that lack of understanding together.

What is The Great Reset?

Exploring how the Body of Christ should relate after being "reset" by COVID-19. The companion podcast to The Great Reset public discipleship group on YouTube: