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Born and raised in Mt. Pleasant, Spence Armstrong went on to a stellar military career which began at the United States Naval Academy, before transferring to the Air Force to become a pilot. While serving, he became an aerospace engineer and test pilot, flying many different aircraft. By the time the Vietnam War started, Armstrong was a veteran pilot with 11 years flight experience. As a major, he flew 102 combat missions in F-105 Thunderchiefs in Southeast Asia in 1967-1968. Moving up the ranks, his commands took him around the world and across the United States and even to the stars, having served as deputy director of space systems and command, control, and communications at NASA. He retired from the Airforce as a Lieutenant General in 1990. General Armstrong spent eleven more years as a senior executive at NASA leading the agency's human resources efforts and programs with academia. Join History’s Hook host, Tom Price as he interviews Maury County’s highest ranking military officer.

What is History's Hook?

History’s Hook is a weekly audio-media series that uses local stories…stories found in everyone’s backyard…to explore national and world history. The show features experts and eye-witnesses to events that make those connections in history. The show’s host, Tom Price is a veteran historian who has spent nearly 30 years working in museums and archives finding those documents and objects that tell the stories of all of us. He has published numerous articles on U.S. History and has curated fifteen major exhibitions related to American History and culture.