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I talk about my 108-day calendar, why I chose 108 days, and some of the 108 lore. That spills into talking about flags, symbols, Taoism, and Shamanism. Finally, I discuss what this podcast is going to be about.

Show Notes

See the detailed show notes at: https://caseyabbottpayne.com/2021/07/20/002-108-108-108/

I almost decided to re-record this episode but then I noticed that it was  1:08:01 (108 forward and backwards!) and I finished saying “One hour and eight minutes” right at 1:08! The universe approved!

00:00 - Introduction

01:30 - The new calendar I created for myself
04:46 - Why 108 days?
07:15 - Why the number 108?
11:36 - Taiwan’s calendar..
...aka The Republic of China calendar (Chinese: 中華民國曆) or Minguo calendar (Chinese: 民國紀年) from Wikipedia
13:22 - Time and Calendars Rant... lol
19:32 - Going in deeper into the number 108
Casey’s bootleg history of 108:
  1. Yellow River Shamanism
  2. Yu the Great
  3. Wuism
  4. Daoism
  5. The blending of religious ideas (Shamanism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism) until the fall of the Qing dynasty
  6. Those ideas evolving into the Republic of China
  7. Those ideas fleeing to Taiwan as the Cultural Revolution destroyed “The Four Olds” (Old Ideas, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Customs)
  8. 108 and Flowism
28: 35 - 108 Zip Code Wanhua District (Wikipedia)
32:01 - Pan-African Flag Emoji, Flags, and Symbols
43:40 - Shamanism, Taoism and 108
  • 108 on Wikipedia
  • Correction: 108 degrees is the inside angle of a pentagon, not a pentagram
  • 6 (touch, taste, hearing, seeing, smelling, consciousness) * 3 (pleasant, painful, neutral) * 2 (internal or external) * (past, present, future) = 108
52:55 - About Flow to Your Dream and this podcast
  • “The Five Percenters: Islam, Hip-hop and the Gods of New York” (Amazon)
Thanks for listening! ❤️

What is 108 Ways to Podcast?

If you need to read the description this podcast probably isn't for you. This is Casey Abbott Payne's place to talk about whatever, whenever, wherever, with whoever. Casey... I like to think about a lot of different things so things podcast will be about a lot of different things. Love you. Hope you're having a wonderful day!