How Did We Get Here

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"[Writing's] not about being validated by action, but about a contemplation of our world."

Award-winning writer Clarisse Baleja Saïdi talks about working not to be free but to recognize she already is free; her quest to observe this world; the gift of artist residencies; and the truth in adjectives.

Show Notes

HOW DID WE GET HERE flips the migrant story.  Come, here the story of us.

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Clarisse Baleja Saïdi is an award-winning writer. "I know I'll always seek some kind of return and some kind of discovery."

She has received recognition for her fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and drama, and is the recipient of fellowships and grant support from The Macdowell Colony, Hedgebrook, LaNapoule Foundation, Crosstown Arts, and more. Baleja earned her MFA from the University of Michigan’s Helen Zell Writers’ Program and is at work on her first novel.

We talk about her work not to be free but to recognize she already is free; her quest to observe this world; and the truth in adjectives.

Our conversation echoes an Adrienne Rich observation on learning and growth: "An education is not something that you get, but something that you claim.”

Listen in to how a writer claims their path.**

Honorable Mentions
* The Grasshopper & the Ant
Simone De Beauvoir's The Woman Destroyed
Charlotte: A Novel by David Foenkinos
* The Perfect Nanny by Leïla Slimani
* Two Brothers by Fábio Moon
* Photo by Jairo Alvarez
* CORRECTION: I cited the need of Thurber to travel and write. Author Thornton Wilder was known for this and my apologies for the brain slip.

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Glossary: Why does Marie Kondo have writer and book lovers on pause? Goosebumps? What is implicit bias? Where do I find writing residencies and what are they? What's autofiction? Groupthink? Where are fully funded MFAs for Creative Writing? Where is Côte d'Ivoire? What is the recent past of the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) and how can I learn more about Rwanda today? Where to find translated works?

**Forgive sonic interruptions--and the roosters and songbirds, huddled close by due to wild winter storms.**

What is How Did We Get Here?

HOW DID WE GET HERE are stories from all corners of the planet, flipping ideas of how we move through this life and what's really going on here.

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