Spencer's Serenade

Today we talk about parenting, advice, and how sacrificing your lifestyle doesn't have to be the end of the world.

Show Notes

Dan, Whitney and I sit down to discuss the topic of parenting at a young age, sacrificing your lifestyle, and prioritizing your child's well being over everything else. We had a fun time discussing and recounting memories of being parents so far in our lives and give our 2 cents about different topics of discussion. Feel free to take our advice and adapt it to your parenting style, or don't its totally on you. I hope you keep tuning in to this show and most of all I hope the things we talk about have helped in some way shape or form in your life. If you find value in this show please make a donation on venmo or subscribe to the show's patreon. I put my money and time into making this show for your enjoyment so it would be nice to get some love back. If you feel you'd be a good guest on the show reach out to me and we can make it happen! Again, I appreciate all of you tuning in every week and I hope you keep coming back for more as we grow the show and discuss the wide variety of topics we do. 
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What is Spencer's Serenade?

Thank you for joining me on this podcasting journey. This podcast will be focused on dealing with everyday problems that people might face and how to address them. Along with that, in the other portion we will be discussing the weird and wild topics and phenomenon that exists in this world. With that being said, I hope this can provide you with solutions to problems you may be facing in your life as well as expand your mind into thinking about some complex topics that don't get enough attention.