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We all deserve the right to be forgotten on the Internet.

Show Notes

Basecamp the app is over 15 years old, which means Basecamp the company is responsible for safeguarding more than a decade's worth of customer data—including 370 terabytes of data stored in non-active accounts. In this episode, Basecamp data analyst Jane Yang talks about a big, ongoing project at the company to clean up those inactive accounts and give former customers what we all deserve: the right to be forgotten on the Internet. Two Basecamp alums also return to share the history of the company's data incineration protocol.

Show Notes

Jamis Buck on Twitter - 2:05

Jason Fried's tribute to Jamis - 2:22

Eileen Uchitelle's website | Twitter - 3:15

the tweet by @FiloSottile about data being uranium, not gold - 7:04

our episode about the credential stuffing attack - 13:04

blog post explaining how Basecamp notified customers about the credential stuffing - 13:32

Basecamp's cancellation policy - 21:46

Basecamp Personal - 21:53

Tom Anderson from MySpace is on Instagram now and his profile photo should look familiar - 23:48

Mazes for Programmers by Jamis Buck - 26:24

Basil & Fabian by Jamis Buck - 26:25

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