The Production Line Podcast

In this episode, we give their thoughts about the Red Wings once again not winning the NHL Draft Lottery guaranteeing them the 9th overall selection. With the World U18 tournament wrapped up there are plenty of interesting names in Detroit's range, including the likes of Ryan Leonard, Oliver Moore, and Dalibor Dvorsky. 

We also touch on Simon Edvinsson requiring surgery and what that means for Detroit's blueline, Jake Walman missing the entirety of the World Championships due to injury, and Carter Mazur being added to USA's roster. To finish, we give our thoughts on the Maple Leafs being down 3-0, the Bruins and Rangers bowing out early, the Dallas Stars, and more!

What is The Production Line Podcast?

A weekly podcast hosted by Garth Wickham, Dyllon Anderson, and Grant Wickham discussing the latest news surrounding the Detroit Red Wings and the NHL.