Facing the Giants

Scott Kerr is joined by serial entrepreneur Julie Macklowe, founder and CEO of The Macklowe, described as the first luxury American single malt whisky brand. Julie discusses how she turned her lifelong love of single malt whisky into an ultra-premium product that she calls "the Birkin bag of single malts." She also talks about her journey from hedge funds to fashion to beauty before her latest venture trying to fill the gap in the American whisky market. Julie describes finding one of the top master distillers to bring her vision to life, launching with a highly limited release of only 237 bottles at $1,500 each, and the inspiration for its collectible-worthy bottle. Plus: Julie talks about the upcoming launch of new whisky product along with an NFT

Featuring: Julie Macklowe, Founder and CEO of The Macklowe (themacklowe.com)

Scott Kerr, Founder & President of Silvertone Consulting

About Facing the Giants podcast:
Luxury entrepreneurs talk about competing with the Goliaths of the industry.

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What is Facing the Giants?

It takes the courage of entrepreneurs to play in a space where the Goliaths of the luxury industry roam free. Facing the Giants is a podcast that puts a spotlight on the founders of new luxury startups and the weapons in their arsenal to compete with industry incumbents. Host Scott Kerr talks to luxury entrepreneurs about what's driving them and how their companies are pointing a new way forward to meet the changing demands of the luxury business and affluent consumers. They also share smart strategies to survive and maybe even thrive in the land of the giants.