The Connected Mom

This episode is one that you want to listen to more than once! Join Becky and enneagram expert, Beth McCord as they talk about the enneagram, true transformation and clarity to motherhood. 

Pre-order Beth's newest book: The Enneagram for Moms: See the True Colors of Yourself and Your Children as God Intends

Beth McCord, founder of Your Enneagram Coach is an Enneagram speaker, coach and teacher for over 20 years. Her podcast has over 3.3 million downloads.

In her newest book, Beth showshow motherhood is divinely intended to be a transformative journey where momsnot only help paint a portrait of their family, but also cultivate resilience,self-awareness, and deep connections with God, their spouse, and theirchildren.

The Enneagram for Moms provides mothers with invaluable insights through the Enneagram, helping them better understand themselves and their children while fostering resilience.

Creators & Guests

Beth McCord
Your Enneagram Coach

What is The Connected Mom?

Form a deeper connection with God, more empathic connection with other Moms, and more intentional connection with your child.